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The Lyons Maritime Museum

The Lyons Maritime Museum - Maritime collectibles - the largest collection of it's kind on this planet!

Saint Augustine, Florida

It has been 42 years...

since I acquired my first helmet, 1974, and as of today, a few more do find their way into my collection. It has been a rewarding experience, and still is, for the folks I do meet, and the friendships I've made in the field of collecting theLeon Lyons suiting up! old and new styles of heavy dive gear. It has been a very passionate collecting affair. A joke I tell my friends, is that when I have to get a medical checkup now and then, and they have to draw some blood, no luck, for the only thing flowing through my veins are diving helmets !!!
~ Leon Lyons

You will notice...

a wide array of all types of diving accessories, necessary for the diver to use and wear when going down. These are the kinds of tools and parts that other collectors did not bother to acquire at one time, now they go after everything, realizing how hard it is to find these things, as some people will acknowledge.The Lyons Maritime Museum, St. Augustine Florida

Not until you point out certain facts, will they realize what they are looking at.

The following photos you will see of my Maritime Museum in historic St. Augustine, Florida , are very likely the largest deep sea diving collection of its kind on this planet. Could there be another larger collection out there in the Galaxy!!!

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